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Screenwriting, Filming, Editing.


Planning, Shooting, Editing.


Apparel, Photos, Cards.


Scoring, Voiceover, Instrumentals.


DJs, MCs, Lighting, Audio, Projection.


Branding, Logos, Websites.

Service Features

Flexible Schedule

The crew is ready to go! There is an abundance of team members ready to start your project as early as, well... right now.

High Tech

We take pride in the incredible tools available these days. We are lucky to be able to create with tools like the Red Epic Camera. Or edit on the best machine for Rendering 3D Animations.

Fast Turnaround

Our services are both an art and science. We use this science to make our turnaround more efficient with out cutting quality.

Our Work

  • Our 3 Part Mission

    Service Mission

    We want to empower customers with tools and services that are customizable exactly to their needs. Certain people need a great price with great quality in great time. We're not afraid to deliver all three.

    Financial Mission

    To enrich the lives of the Creative Outfit team, who enrich the lives of our customers. Our collective goal is to instill a fair balance between our team member's salary and the customer's price. This balance creates an equilibrium, beautiful for both sides.

    Social Mission

    The Environment. It is a sinking ship worth saving. The move is to donate a percentage of our profits and time to environmentally stabilizing initiatives. Let's do this!

    Pricing Models

    One Time Charge

    If you are looking to purchase our services one by one, this option is best for you. One Time Charge customers build projects at the highest hourly rate, compared to having a Membership or Subscription. If you are looking to try out a service at first, this is the perfect way to do so.

    Usage Based Subscription

    Usage Based Subscriptions are the most popular and effective model for a companies growth. With this model, consistency is key to keeping your audiance both informed and inspired. Each month you get a certian number of hours. Options include 8, 24, 40 and 80 hour per month. 160 plus hours per month are also available for enterprise clients.

    Fixed Rate Membership

    If you are not ready for a Subscription yet, we highly recomend a Fixed Rate Membership. This lets you pay a flat rate per month to then configure a lower hourly rate.

    Seat based.

    Looking to split the bill? Take advantage of seat based billing and pay your subscription with a group.

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    How to Build a Project

    Create an Account

    Creative Outfit accounts are free. Choose from a business or personal account.

    Start a Project

    Set your project name, description and budget.

    Add Services

    (This is the best part) Build with pre-assembled options in a few clicks OR Customize to be flexible with your budget.

    Check out

    Track the progress of your services as they are being created and delivered.


    Are you a creative?

    We are growing and taking applications! Contact for more information.

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